What Plants Are Safe for Pets?

Plants are enjoyed not only by people but also by pets. In fact, they coexist in this world, especially at home.

Pets love to play and chew some leaves, and when they tend to be playful, some plants get damaged. But the worst thing that may happen is pet poisoning because of the ingested leaves that contain toxins. These pets may have caused your favorite items at home or personal belongings to go through major destruction, too. Such playful behavior prompts many homeowners to keep houseplants out. Some of them hesitated to have plants indoors.

Fortunately, there are various types of houseplants that are safe for pets. If you love plants at home and you also want to have domesticated pets around you, you will be glad to know that a hundred and more varieties of plants are out there waiting for you. Here are some of the most popular houseplants that are safe for your dogs and cats.

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List OF Pet-Friendly Houseplants That Add Life Without the Worry

Calathea Medallion

Calathea Medallion is a hybrid type of Calathea that is famous for its round leaves and dark colors. It is safe for all types of pets and is an ideal ornamental plant to add to your home’s interior decoration.


Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird’s Nest Fern is a tropical plant that comes with a lovely green color that brightens up the home. Its crinkled leaves add attraction to indoor spaces.


Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm is a gorgeous plant that is distinct for its fat and domed “stump” and ponytail-like feathers. Although it is named “palm,” it is not actually palm but a type of Yucca plant.


Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm is a gorgeous houseplant that is toxin-free and safe for pets. Its beauty and grace can turn your empty hall into a majestic place.