Upkeep and cleaning services for ponds, available all year

Equipment like pumps and filtration systems, as well as regular maintenance, are required to keep a formal pond in good health. Our company focuses on assisting customers in maintaining their water features by providing expert cleaning and maintenance services.

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Pond Cleaning Services

Our pond cleaning experts are available whenever you need them, all year long. Our services include:

  • Relocating Fish to an Additional Tank
  • Aquatic plant trimming and fertilizing
  • Redirecting water from ponds to a certain location
  • Internal pond power washing and vacuuming
  • Maintenance of Filters and Pumps
  • Regular UV-C light bulb replacement
  • Bringing ponds back up to a level where fish and plants can thrive
  • When the pond is filled, the appropriate amount of water conditioner should be added.
  • Returning fish and plants to the pond safely

We recommend that once a year, our customers give their ponds a thorough cleaning.


Weekly or Monthly Upkeep or Pond Cleaning when Needed.

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Excellent Service

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30 Days Warranty

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Pond Maintenance

Our monthly care package is ideal for people who want to spend as little time as possible maintaining their water garden or pond without sacrificing enjoyment. All work can be done whenever is most practical for our customers.

This is what is involved in a maintenance visit:
  • Pumps and filtration systems inspection
  • Purifying filtration systems
  • Supplementing for a better pond
  • Assessing the Water Supply
  • The eradication or management of blanket weed
  • Aquatic plant trimming and fertilizing
  • Cleaning up the top layer
  • issuing recommendations for improvements and guidance
You may get in touch with us whenever you need us, day or night, and we can set up a monthly payment plan for servicing and maintenance that includes pond cleaning.

Common Pond Issues

Water loss

Several things can cause pond water loss. Turn off all equipment and fill the pond to the top to find leaks.
The leak is in filters, pipelines, or waterfalls outside the pond if the level stays the same. Leaks can be found and corrected.
If the pond level drops, the leak is within. Drain it till the breach is visible for repair.
A puncture in your pond’s PVC, Butyl, or EPDM rubber liner may be leaking. Frost-caused small cracks in concrete ponds create leaks. Concrete pond coatings can also deteriorate, causing leaks.
All fish and aquatic plants will be stored safely and returned after pond repairs.

Ideal pond water conditions

Correct pond water parameters are often forgotten, but they are crucial for a healthy pond where fish can thrive. Any aquatic plant and aerobic bacteria will improve pond conditions for all species.

Pond oxygen levels

The most your pond can store is 18.0 mg/l of dissolved oxygen. Dissolved oxygen in your pond should never drop below 6 mg/l, or fish and aquatic life may suffer. Lower oxygen levels can kill some fish, while others can survive.
Cold water has twice as much oxygen in winter as in summer. Depending on pond volume and shape, owners can optimum oxygen levels in two ways during peak seasons when pond fauna is most active.
First, install an air pump and air stones in your pond to add air. This simple and cost-effective solution can solve low oxygen difficulties. Fitting a fountain or waterfall can add oxygen and be appealing.

Nitrites, ammonia

Ammonia from fish excrement enters your pond. Calcium carbonate feeds essential nitrifying bacteria, which convert ammonia into nitrite. Nitrite breaks down again to nitrate after this.
Ammonia poisoning can harm fish, so keep levels low.

Phosphate levels

Pond water can get phosphates in several ways. They can be found in pond silt, untreated tap water, and fish food. Phosphate excess causes green water and blanket weed. Keeping phosphate levels low will reduce algae growth, but Perfect Ponds can tackle these issues mechanically or chemically. Contact our experts immediately for pond care or consultation.