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Office Plants for Improved Focus and Reduced Stress


Looking for splendid reasons why you need office plants?

Aside from making the room bright and beautiful, indoor plants in the office offer a wide range of benefits. According to scientific studies and researches, plants inside the office help in improving memory, concentration, and focus while boosting mood and increase creativity and productivity.

An office is a place where you probably spend most of your time every day, thus it should be good for your physical and mental health. However, most offices lack greenery and the natural environment. By adding indoor and ornamental plants in office spaces, the aim of natural wellness can be achieved. Here’s how office plants benefit you and the different types of plants ideal for the office:


Office Plants Improve Focus, Memory, and Concentration

You probably didn’t realize why it is difficult to focus and concentrate on work, or why it is hard to retrieve from memory what you have memorized a day before. If you are struggling with the same dilemma, you will benefit a lot from having indoor office plants.

In the UK, at Exeter University, a study was conducted regarding the benefits of having indoor plants. It was discovered that plants in the office can help improve the health and wellness of employees, concentration, and productivity. Employees become more creative and skillful, as well, because of green plants and flowering plants indoors. 

Because plants come in various colors, scents, and structures that attract the eyes and stimulate good emotions, they are believed to benefit mental and physical health. Plants also purify the air, providing excellent air quality inside the office spaces.

Based on science, there is a higher amount of carbon dioxide inside the office, and being exposed to this type of gas throughout the entire office hours is harmful to health, especially to cognition. By adding live plants to the office spaces, the oxygen level will be improved greatly.

Fresh air inside the workplace is beneficial to the health of the body and mind. This is the reason why people spend time outdoors close to nature. To enjoy the same benefits while inside the office, consider having office plants in different types and colors.


Office Plants Reduce Stress, Fatigue, and Anxiety

Stress, fatigue, and anxiety are some of the reasons why employees become weak and unhealthy. In fact, stress can lead to serious illnesses and diseases. Aside from the pile of tasks and paper works, the outside world is also loaded with all kinds of stressful situations and incidences.

It is a good thing that live plants are capable of reducing stress and anxiety in the office.

Some plants are not only gorgeous in colors and stunning in structure, but they are also pleasantly scented. The aromatherapy of plants and flowers helps the body cope up with stress. It also promotes relief from fatigue, relaxation of the body, and calmness of the mind and emotion.

The colors of the plants, on the other hand, offer benefits of sedation. Colors are known to affect the mind. This is the reason why the room in the house and office are painted with appropriate colors. In plants, the same principle applies.

The green color, for example, promotes emotional stability, concentration, and good health.


Different Types of Plants Ideal for Office Desks

Now that you already know what benefits you can get when you have plants in the office, it is also helpful to know which types of plants are best for your desk and beneficial to your health. Although most of the plants are beneficial, there are certain types of plants that stand out from the rest.

Here are some of the stunning indoor plants that are best for your office spaces and desk. These plants are known to improve your concentration and to reduce stress.  


Spider Plant

Based on NASA’s study, Spider plants help clean the air you breathe. It is a popular plant ideal for indoor environments. As a natural air purifier, it cleans the air from carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene.

The said compounds are found in air, and they affect the brain and the cognitive function. They can also trigger allergic reactions and cancer cells.

Spider plants are also ideal for hospital rooms because it aids in lowering blood pressure. Aside from purifying the air from pollution and allergens, it also helps reduce pain, fatigue, and anxiety.

Dracaena Marginata

Dracaena Marginata is also a popular air-purifying plant. It helps remove toxins and pollutions in the air. Its leaves can even eliminate the smell of synthetic or smoke from the cigarette in the air. Moreover, this plant has such a stunning structure and amazing natural colors that relax the mind and emotions.


Sansevieria plant, which is popularly known as Snake Plant, is an ideal indoor plant because of its excellence when it comes to purifying the air. It is also a drought-tolerant, hardy, and low-maintenance plant that can thrive in air-conditioned, low-light spaces in the office.

For Smarter and Happier You in the Office


Office plants are proven to provide health benefits to the environment and to people. Adding indoor plants inside the office and accentuating the office desks with live, green plants make employees and staff work productively and in full concentration.

The famous line “nature knows best” has been true to its saying in promoting health and wellness and improving productivity at work.