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Indoor plants have been an essential interior design element for homes and for offices. This is because people see that houseplants brighten up the spaces and rooms at home, and they offer a wide range of benefits to physical and mental health. While there are lots of benefits to enjoy in having live green plants growing indoors, choosing which types of plants suitable for your home environment can be difficult. Some plants are easy to maintain even at low light condition and with less water, but there are several varieties of plants that require special attention and care.

If you are fond of seeing live plants inside your house, here are some of the things worth knowing about indoor plants:


Creating Healthier and Happier Living Space. Indulge yourself in the pleasure of green plant.

There is no doubt that plants can make homes healthier and happier with its attractive colours and shapes and with its benefits to health. If you have plans to buy plants for your indoor gardening, the experts recommend picking varieties of plants that can help purify the air like Snake Plants, Dracaena, Peace Lily, and Rubber Plant. Not only do live home plants help clean the air you breathe but they also make the surroundings brighter and refreshing. You will find these indoor plants for sale at the plant or garden shops and at the flower shops.

Indoor plants can be purchased in large pots, and they make the large living room look gorgeous and more relaxing. On the other hand, there are mini potted plants, too, which are more suitable for small home spaces. These small potted plants can be placed in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even in the bathroom.


Gifting that Grows

Indoor plants are a wonderful option for a brighter home. Moreover, they are also a great choice when it comes to sending beautiful gift that grows. Potted plants can be given as gift especially to people who love growing plants at home. For birthday or anniversary, you can look for plants for sale at the shop and order for a florist delivery within the same day.

According to the experts, plants are a good gift because of their benefits to the people and to the environment. For someone growing plants indoor, it can be a source of inspiration and relaxation. The gift of plants is a timeless gift and they are perfect for all types of occasion. It can even be passed from one generation to the next generation.        


How to Buy the Best Plant?

When shopping for the best plants, it is important to consider several things. According to the experts in indoor gardening, when you buy plants online, don’t try to skip the real appearance of the plant you are buying. Most of the time, the plants arrive at your doorstep in different appearance. Some are in bare roots while some are in young cuttings.

Also, in shopping for indoor plants, do not forget to consider the environment you have at home. See to it that the plants you buy are capable of adapting to its new place. Several varieties require bright and direct light from the sun while some can thrive in low light condition. Some plants also require higher humidity level while some can manage the average room temperature and humidity. When you order plants online, always give considerations to the plant’s specific growing requirements and see what you can do about it.


Come Over to Visit Our Plants Showroom to Experience Nature Indoor

You can add more life and inspiration to your home by simply having indoor plants. Come over to any plant shops and experience nature indoor. With potted Peace Lilies, Snake Plants, and Ferns, you can make the room feel like a Zen garden. The selections are wider than you can imagine when it comes to indoor plants.

Here at Direct Garden Landscaping, we bring the outdoors in with our wonderful selections of houseplants. Our table plants are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours that you can match with your interior design. We can help you find the perfect types and varieties of indoor plants suitable for your space, as well as to your lifestyle.

With our long list of large and small suppliers from different parts of the country, we can offer you more curated plants for a price you can afford. We also have wholesale plants which you can choose from if you plan to have your own greenhouse garden within your yard. If you need additional information and plant descriptions, including plant care, the website is filled with articles of useful contents to help you care for your plants.


Free Plants Delivery in Singapore

This is the best place for you if you are looking for free green plants delivery to Singapore Island-wide. All the green plants and flowering plants can be purchased online and send for delivery to any place in Singapore. There is a large collection of online plants to choose from whether you want same day delivery today or you prefer to have the potted plants delivery on specific date.

Get the plants you want for your home. From live green plants to flowering plants to all types of succulents and cacti, you can buy them at a pretty low price.  Cheap plants and affordable pots are at a standard delivery charge, too, within the island of Singapore. If you want express delivery, you only need to place orders and pay extra charge for delivery within 3 or 4 hours.

Plant nurseries can be found in major locations and parts of the country. They are the best place to get all the gardening supplies and tools that you will need for your indoor plant care. Direct Garden Landscaping is business as usual. You can shop online and wait for your plants to arrive at your desired date and time anywhere you are in Singapore. We made shopping for indoor plants online more convenient and safer for you at Direct Garden Landscaping.