Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards in Singapore

Everyone does not have a big backyard, especially the ones that either has small or no outdoor spaces to accommodate the landscaping. However, if you still dream of building a background, then a little bit of research and practicing smart designs would help in achieving one. If you live in a space that has more indoor space and less outdoor space, you can carve out the soil with the help of plants, patios, trees, soil, or even water features.

The garden-style and solutions are limitless and you can consider using a backyard for every small piece of land. Here are some of the ideas that you can consider:

● Container gardens: If you lack outdoor space and good soil then you can add pots, urns, repurposed wooden boxes, or even low bowls or even crates to fill up space.  

● Use vertical containers to grow herbs, flowers, vegetables, or even succulents. These can usually be attached to the wall and take up less space.

● Use Hanging gardens as these can be suspended from eaves, beams, and even wall hangers. It is completely up to you as to what you wish to plants and what would work for the region.

● Create a no-fuss deck or patio where you can install plants that do not require much maintenance and care. 

● If you want to set up a grill, you can do so by adding a counter, basic, grill, and an outdoor refrigerator. You can even choose to grow a small herb garden if you want to enhance the spot. 

● You can use climbing plants if you have high walls and that would provide you enough green space and at the same time help you create a private garden.

Here are some of the ideas that you can use if you have a small backyard space.


Turn your front yard to backyard

If you have no space for the backyard then you will utilize other spaces in your house. For instance, you can add a similar arrangement in the front yard such as a fire pit, outdoor dining and kitchen, grill or even a prep counter. For reducing the noise factor, you can install water features, add twigs and branches, and flowers like jasmine that have a beautiful fragrance.


  • Asian-inspired style

You can remodel the backyard with features such as compartments or stone-lined sections to add structure and interest to a contemporary garden that is eco-friendly.

  • Tiny Toronto Backyard

You can create a low-maintenance retreat in the backyard of your home and use features such as horizontal fencing, fiberglass pool, artificial turf as well as composite decking.


  • Family-friendly backyard

Design a backyard for your family that includes a seating and dining room along with space for children to play. You can install interactive sculptures, use redwood for the bench and fence, and trees that would provide privacy and softscape. 


Vertical backyard

Use neat and symmetrical designs to achieve this design. You can install the following to enhance the overall appearance which includes: 

● Lightweight furniture

● Bluestone patio

● Artificial lawn

● Fencing with vertical planters


Backyard with planters

Accommodate raised wooden planters to grow herbs and vegetables. You can also build raised beds to allow the plants to grow in quality soil. This would help in keeping the plants growing healthy without any interference from pests. You will also be able to maintain the vegetables properly.


Organized backside layout

To achieve symmetry and organization, you can establish a patio that is irregularly shaped. You can even use pre-cut pavers and base rock along with several deck features such as in-built seating and a fire pit to make the place appear more lively.


Downtown Chicago pad

The backyard is the best place to enjoy games and if you are looking forward to making it a gaming pad, then use elements made of frosted-glass fencing, black steel, pavers, fire table, and so on. Use illuminated orbs to adjust colors when you are watching TV.


Natural Berkeley Backyard 

Gardens should blend seamlessly with that of the owners. If you want to create a casual outdoor space, you can involve a lot of natural elements such as stones along with plants to create a private and lush space. You can also add simple accent pieces along with a fire pit to add to the beauty of the space.


Yard into zones

You can divide the yard into different sections and zones which include a play area for children and pets. Casual seating space can be complemented with a fire pit along with an outdoor living space, water feature, dining area along low-maintenance landscaping. 


Planter with a purpose

Use lightweight furniture, new fencing, and raised plant bed to help you grow the plants more easily and also find a place to screen an adjacent filtration area.


Natural backyard setup

You can tuck a composite-decking bench at the corner of the backyard and place it in the front of a flowering bush to create an appealing nook. Install a bench that can be set on the stone pad and create a level surface. It is also easy to plant urns with annual floral color as that would help you change the setup every once in a while.


Geometric designs 

For small backyards, it is best to use geometric and symmetrical designs as that would help in designing modern and clean lines which can easily extend to the living space inside your home. You can also use blue-chip joints and bluestone to pave the path. You can also install a privacy fence using the Japanese maple trees along with spruce and birch trees such as rhododendron, boxwood, pachysandra.


Creating a classic effect

If you want a space that takes care of the interest, privacy, and other intimate spaces in the backyard, then you can use a combination of boulders of limestone, cedar mulch, lush greenery, fire pit, dining area, trampoline along with pea gravel to create a magical appeal that is soothing to the eye.

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