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Your Indoor Trailing Plants Specialist?

Direct Garden Landscaping is basically an expert plant provider that specialises in crafting and executing beautiful floral designs for your living spaces like home, office or any other space. Our company has a wide range of pots, designs and also different hanging plant species from which you can choose in order to create a personalized gift which will transform any living space into a decent and stylish haven.

One of our best sellers from our amazing collection is the trailing plants which is an amazing addition to your office or living room and that can easily match with any taste, style as well as size.


What are Hanging Plants?

Hanging plants are basically small or medium size plantlets that are put in a vessel and then they are hanged from wires, chains or ropes. The vessels and pots in which the plants are placed are quite adaptable which means they can match with any environment from wooden frames, clay or woven that induce a rustic touch to metal coverings in order to give a more modern feel.


Benefits of Climbers and Creepers Plants?

The key advantage of choosing our hanging plants is aesthetics. Well maintained and clean pots evoke an extravagant and dramatic feel and these are best for the displaying the beauty of trailing or irregular plants. Our recommended trailing plant species include spider plants, rabbit foot fern and pothos which flourish quite well while hanging and also they add the additional flair to terrace or office mess.

If you have small office space then these hanging plants are best option to give a natural green look without occupying much space.


What makes them complex?

Although these hanging plants have aesthetic beauty but without professional help it would be difficult to maintain them. People who don’t have much knowledge about plants, for them it is quite challenging to take care of these hanging plants.

Choosing the right depth of pot to suit the vine plants is very important as these hanging pots can hold small amount of soil. Also as the pots are hanged in the air and have very little soil so they tend to get dry quickly as compared to other pot types. Therefore knowledge of maintaining water level and moisture and choosing the proper coating is very important for the health and survival of the plant.

Lastly the plant type is also quite important. It has to survive under the exclusive office environment, in thin soil and under continuous movement.


How can we make your life easier?

So we at Direct Garden Landscaping are equipped with the best knowledge to help you choose plants for your home or office. We will not only design aesthetically best hanging plants that will be helpful for both impressing outsiders and maintaining a healthy and productive environment for your co-workers but also we will be doing all the hard work in maintaining the plant arrangements. We will take care of the cleaning, irrigation and replacement of any unhealthy plant and we will make sure that the hanging plants will always be healthy and lively.

You can call us at call +65 8585 5454 and we will tell you that how we can help you in the transformation.

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