Should I Buy Or Rent Office Plants?

The presence of thriving indoor office plants fosters a hospitable and optimistic atmosphere that benefits both employees and guests. Moreover, empirical research indicates that the presence of indoor plants has a positive impact on the air quality and overall welfare of individuals in a workplace setting.

Renting Vs Buying Plants

When considering the choice between purchasing indoor office plants and renting them, it is important to evaluate which option is more advantageous. Utilizing the services provided by an indoor plant hire company appears to be advantageous.


1. Save money by renting plants

Plants are expensive, whether you rent them or buy them. 
Buying your own indoor plant and a nice pot to put it in will save you money if you only require some greenery for your desk. Using a reputable plant subscription service is the most economical way to make your office space look and feel more lush and healthy.
To begin, the best growers’ plants will be provided to you when you rent plants from an established business. You will also receive attractive and practical planters and pots that will not ruin your office’s flooring or furniture.
In addition, hiring a company to take responsibility for your plants for you will save you time, money, and frustration. Experts will either treat your green friends right away or replace them at no extra cost if any of them start to look less than healthy. When you hire office plants, maintenance is included in the service.

2. Having an in-house gardener is a perk of hiring plants for the office.

Having a personal gardener is what you get when you hire office plants instead of buying them. A professional plant hire company will take care of everything from initial research on suitable plants to subsequent planning, design, installation, maintenance, and eventual replacement.
If you decide to bring plants into the office, you’ll need to find a member of staff with a green thumb to oversee the upkeep of the plants.

3. Artistic designs from a horticulture expert

Design is the next step toward realizing your ideal indoor garden in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and budget.
Our professional designers will think about more than just how things look and how much money you have when creating your custom solution.
Deign and Functionality
Purifying the air, expressing your brand, tying into a specific theme, screening off certain office areas, and reducing noise levels are just a few of the many possible uses for indoor plants.
Indoor plants and containers should never pose a threat to the well-being of employees or guests.
The lighting, temperature, humidity, and square footage constraints of your office.

4.Plant rental includes professional planning and research services.

The key to a successful plantscape and a good return on investment is careful planning and research. That is precisely what a reputable business will provide for you. 
For example, we start the plant rental process with a visit to your office. We’ll meet with you at your convenience to discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have, and get a feel for your desired price range for the indoor plant installation project.

5. Indoor plant hassle free setup is quick and easy.

Installing an indoor plants, whether a green wall or floor planters, can be a big job. Make sure you have the right equipment and plan well. Good pots, soil, and tools for transporting and lifting heavy plants are needed.
Installing yourself requires compliance with workplace health and safety laws. If you hire our experienced plant hire services, we’ll follow all lifting, transporting, moving, and placing policies.
We’ll deliver and set up your plants at your convenience. To fit your space, we can custom-made planters and green walls and provide appropriate pots.

6. Hiring indoor plants professionally includes plant replacement.

Usually, a plant rental specialist will replace any unhappy or unhealthy green office plant with new ones for free. Gold-standard service includes plant replacement at our company.


7. Regular maintenance of plants.

Regular care is included in the package when you hire your indoor plants, which is a major plus. 
Our trained professionals will take care of your plants year-round, whether they are freestanding or part of an indoor green wall, which can require special attention. 
When our maintenance team comes to your home, they will:
  • Check on plant health
  • Remove and prune any spent, damaged, or unhealthy foliage and flowers.
  • Water and fertilizing
  • Clean and shine leave


8. A comprehensive selection of services from indoor plant rental specialists

Professionals in plant rental services can handle every facet, including research, planning, design, installation, replacement, and maintenance. Additionally, collaboration with architects and interior designers is possible throughout the stages of planning and design.
Purchasing office plants independently restricts one’s access to a comprehensive array of specialized plant services.

9. Flexibility 

It is also considerably more cost-effective and adaptable to lease indoor office plants as opposed to purchasing them outright. 
Constant change characterizes the business world. Organizations are relocating, scaling up, and pivoting more frequently than ever before. Change is an unavoidable aspect of business, and by leasing indoor plants, you provide your company with additional alternatives.

Advantages of buying live plants

Clearly, the alternative is to acquire your installations from us.
  • In contrast to rentals, all products would be yours immediately upon purchase.
  • Monthly maintenance expenses would be substantially reduced in comparison to rental and maintenance costs.
  • Absence of ongoing expenses
  • No agreement signature required
  • Clearly, the initial investment would be significantly greater if the item were purchased outright.
Should the opportunity to acquire or rent plants have sparked your interest, then you might consider
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