10 Tropical Landscape Design Ideas

A tropical garden is synonymous with an exotic feel and style that transports you to some other world. If you are planning to transform your current garden, then we have some of the tips that you can adopt to achieve the same:

1. Look for features such as the climate and soil type of your area.

This is the most critical consideration as each tropical plant grows in a specific type of climate. Some of them grow best in hot places, while others can only tolerate mild winters. If your area experiences the winter season, then make sure to put the delicate plants on a pot and use covered mulch when you transfer it to the ground.  You can also bring them indoors once the winter arrives.


Another thing that you need to consider is the amount of light that reaches each plant, as plants such as orchids prefer filtered light. In addition, you should also look for soil type as not all plants can thrive in the same type of soil.


2. Plan out the design and layout and design of the garden.

You can design the landscape using digital software or even pen and paper. Moreover, you take a note of the existing trees and structure, and instead of chopping them down, you can surround them with plants that would highlight the landscape even more, especially when it is a huge tree.

You can also look into other amenities such as a pool, outdoor dining area, and so on. Moreover, you can even decorate the pathways and walkways.


3. Lookout for inspiration at multiple places.

If you cannot find the best idea for your garden, you can always search over the Internet. You can look for existing tropical gardens and draw inspiration from the design. This would also help you to find plants that you would want to use. You can also take a look at the various available designs. This would probably be of immense help to you as well.


4. Shade cover is required for an excellent effect.

Shade cover is essential in areas that are dry and hot. The best shade is that of a big tree, and it can aid the growth of several other plants that are not tolerant to the heat. You can even choose to place a bench surrounded by the plants. If you want, you can also use a structure, but trees would probably look the best.


5. Fill the space with different plants.

Lush foliage is significant in enhancing the overall appeal of the garden. This would mimic the appearance of a natural forest where the plants tend to grow anywhere and everywhere. Avoid grouping the plant specifies and instead overlap with each other or even climb over one another. Density is an essential factor that you need to consider for a tropical garden.


6. Go for plants with large leaves.

To add more density to your significance, you can use more plants other than shrubs and ferns. Choose with the plant with large leave that would add to the overall tropical feel of the area.

Plants that tend to have large leaves usually have beautiful colors and different shapes, which would add to the overall style of the garden. Take, for example, bananas; they are easy to find as well as plants.


7. Use bright tropical flowers for your garden.

The more exotic flowers you will plant, the better. More so, make sure that they are bright and colorful as that would enhance the entire appeal of the tropical garden. You don’t have to stick with the usual flowering plants that you would find in any garden; instead, you can always use the wide variety of available tropical flowers.

Go for the ones that have unique colors, shapes, and bright colors. Even one blossoming flower plant can make a massive difference in the appearance of your tropical garden.


8. Don’t forget to include a water feature.

Water is essential when you want your garden to prosper. Add elements such as a spa, pond, or hot tub to enhance the look of the space. In case you have limited space, you can add a fountain to adorn the area as well. A wide variety of sculpture fountains available in the market would surely add a unique feel to the ambiance.

The sound of water and the relaxed feel will add to the complete look of the tropical garden.


9. Add sculptures and additional decor items.

Finish the final look of the landscape with a beautiful sculpture or a huge rock along with accessories that you would want to place in your garden. If you want to increase the tropical feel of your garden, you can also add a Tiki bar, or you can even extend the feel into the porch by adding some potted plants in it.

Once you are done with the plants, you can avoid hesitation while decorating the same.


10. Regular maintenance is a necessity.

Although a tropical garden doesn’t need high maintenance, it doesn’t mean that you neglect it altogether. You need to see that every plant in your garden is growing well. You should also remove dried leaves and insects that might kill the plant.

Regular cleaning is essential as you would want to keep the beauty of the garden. 

Take inspiration from your surroundings to achieve the tropical garden of your dreams. Make sure that you consider the tips mentioned above to enhance the entire look of the garden. Outdoor lighting is an important aspect to add to these tips as the ambiance becomes even more soothing and exciting. Eventually, the entire feel of the tropical garden improves, especially during the evening houses. Even though you might not be a professional in creating a garden, you can always plan the process in bits and pieces.

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