Plants for Air purification

Living in a modern and energy efficient building has their own serious effects and one of the many effects is the poor air flow. Due to this lack of air flow, inside the air pollution just continues to build and that in return has very serious health repercussions.

Health issues such as asthma and health problems are one of the many serious outcomes of poor air quality. Apart from these the carpeting, furniture, the paint in fact almost everything has lot more chemicals than expected.

And these chemicals can make up to 90% of the total indoor pollution. Some indoor plants have the ability to absorb these harmful chemicals and improve the inside air quality.

At Direct Garden Landscaping, we have some of the best air purifying plants that will help you to improve the inside air quality.

The Perfect Air Purifying Plants For Your Space

Best Air Purifying Plants For Your Home

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Air-Purifying Houseplants Safe for Pets

Best Plants that Clean the Air

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Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Air Purifying Plants

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Air Purifying Plants

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Need air purifying plants? Come to the Best Indoor Plant Showcase

We are one of the best companies in Singapore who sell these amazing indoor air purifying plants at very affordable price.

We have some of the best and easy care air cleansing plants which are also low light air cleansing plants.

These plans are quite low maintenance air purifying plants which means that you can place them anywhere just inside the house and forget about them and they will continue to grow and will continue to absorb the toxins in the air and will improve the indoor air quality.


Not just beautiful to look at, these plants improve air quality

Our air cleaning plants basically serve many purposes they not only make sure to absorb the toxins in the air but also they are the best ornamental plants which means that they will add beauty to the living spaces.

Our air purifying plants include snake plants, rubber plants, money plants and also Chinese evergreens; these are the plants that clean the air instantly.

These plants help to absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde and also benzene and these two chemicals are quite common in contemporary furnishings.

So the fact is these air purifying plants are not just beautiful and give freshness to the house but they also enhance the quality of air by increasing the humidity level in the air and by doing so they help to reduce respiratory and skin related problems and also they increase the level of oxygen in the air and help to decreased airborne dust particles so that you can breathe easily.


Buy air Purifying plants for Any Space

We have range of air purifying plants that are just the perfect choice for any given space. It doesn’t matter where you want to place the plants it can be your office, living room your studio where ever you will place the plant it will make sure to add the much needed beauty and freshness along with the toxin absorption.

We have an online website which you can visit any time you want and on that website you will find different categories. So in the air purifying plants category you will find the following sections:

  • air purifying plants for office
  • air purifying plants for office desk
  • air purifying plants for home
  • air purifying plants for classroom
  • air purifying plants for bedroom
  • air purifying plants for bathroom

Just click any of these sections and you will find the specific plants. If you don’t know that which air purifying plant is suitable for which place then don’t worry.

We have an amazing team of experienced and expert florists who know their job very well. So if you are totally clueless about the type of air purifying plant then just tell our florist about the location for which you want that plant.

Our florist will then guide you about what plant you should choose and also the health benefit of that plant so by the end of the call you will be sure that which plant you should go for.


Got a pet at home? Shop Safe with our pet friendly air purifying plants

One thing you should know if you are a pet owner is that not all plants are safe for pets. There are some plants that cause irritation or in some cases deadly for the pets.

So at that time you should be really careful about the plant selection. Our team is totally a customer centric company so we make sure to offer only those air purifying plants that are safe for pets.

Our air purifying plants are safe for pets. If you are a cat or dog owner and you want to buy these plants then you can do it right away because we offer air purifying plants safe for cats and dogs.

We not only have air purifying plants safe for cats but also offer air purifying plants safe for dogs so if you are a pet owner then without any hesitation you can order your plants and we will make sure to deliver it on your address.


Pick the Best Plants for air purifying and Get it Hand Delivered to your Doorsteps

Once you order your plants then the next thing is to consider the delivery options. We are happy to tell you that not only we offer the best air purifying plants but also offer best deliver services.

After confirming the order we will ask you about the address to deliver these amazing plants so all you have to do is enter your address and we will make sure to deliver your air purifying house plant at your doorstep.

We also offer same day deliver and next day delivery in which we make sure that your air purifying indoor plants reach your destination on the exact day.


This is a collection of the best air purifying indoor plants that will bring a bit of color and clean air to your house.

  1. Devil’s Ivy or pothos

Or else named pothos or golden pothos, the ivy of the devil is an easy-growing indoor farm that combats traditional home toxins. It brings instant color to every space with waterfalls and develops in water, pots and suspended baskets. It was also claimed that the core blade philodendron is tougher to destroy rather than to hold alive!

  1. Dwarf Date Palm

The palm babies are Dwarf or Pygmy palms. They grow in partial shades reasonably quickly, rising up to six to ten centimeters, and exceeding six feet as well.

  1. Peace Lily

Peace lily is known also as a spathiphyllum, a simple, needless plant for the care of. Their bright green leaves add to any room especially to those areas where the light is poor. Be happy in the spring, with a weekly water and fertilizer, to encourage development and these glorious white flowers with a slow release fertilizer.

  1. Philodendron

The cardiovascular philodendron brings lusciously to indoor environments. Philo’s are reasonably simple to care for; only mild water and bright indirect sunlight are required.

  1. Spider Plant

Spider plants are the best alternative for newbie and plants with a poor track record. They flourish with indirect sunlight and live under almost any environment. Shooters of baby spider plants are often sent by spider plants.

  1. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are among the toughest air purifiers to grow, but the rewards are lovely colourful flowering. You have decent ventilation, sunshine and watering with warm water, so that you can dry absolutely between beverages.

  1. Rubber plants

Bourgogne evergreen trees are native to India. They are very hardy plants that enjoy light and filtered waters every week in summer and winter wetting every two weeks. Rubber plants may develop in a small container, or develop in pots or straight in the field into a big indoor tree.

  1. Boston Fern

This easy-to-crease fern is renowned for its sword formed fronds making it a beautiful baseboard or pedestal for hanging. In wet conditions, the Boston Fern thrives and lacks consistent humidity. Keep pleased with the daily mist, damp dirt, and put them in the indirect sunlight close to walls, balconies and patios. In winter the fronds have been cut down by around 2 inches, so that in the warmer months they recover and expand.

  1. Areca palms

Palms of Areca are perfect for wider environments. They are an effective aid in the removal of toxins, and yet dogs and cats are not poisonous. Watch them in summer with plenty of warmth, just not as frequently in the winter (a handful of days a week).

  1. Pineapple Plant

A recent NASA research found that Pineapple would potentially interrupt snoring. While they cannot extract the contaminants from the NASA air, the plants provide oxygen to increase air quality throughout the night to improve sleep to snoring. These plants are very tough and live on very little water, but be cautious they do not fit the freeze. They have very little oxygen.

  1. Dracaena “Janet Craig”

Go large or go home! Go big or go home! Dracaena can expand up to 15 feet tall to cover voids and wide areas. These guys enjoy indirect sunshine so should not be placed under full sunlight in any conditions. Water them once a week, but too much water can contribute to root decline in the warmer months.

  1. Weeping Fig

The ficus is from Southeast Asia. The fig can grow between two and 10 meters high most usually indoors. As most other ficus air purifiers, it likes to dry fully between beverages under direct sunshine and to be watered weekly.

  1. Snake Plant

A succulent plant that can grow up to two meter in height, Snake Plants otherwise known as Mother In Law ‘s Tongue. It is a tough and neglect-friendly low maintenance farm. Place them for a few hours a day in somewhere that tolerates still strong clear light. Don’t overwater as they grow in dry conditions.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not only beneficial to heal burns and to help sunburn because of their anti-inflammatory effects, but also a perfect air purification device. They excel in warm and well-lit rooms, where the amount of harmful chemicals is extreme, develop in brown spots.

  1. English ivy

English ivy can be recognized as a climber on several exterior walls and plants, but NASA continues to be the number one indoor plantation for their air purifiers. In tiny containers, they grow well and are very crowded. They look amazing in suspended baskets and in only a few days you can also scatter a cut.

  1. Flamingo Lily

The Flamingo Lily is the ideal plant to bring brightness to any space and bloom 300 of the year’s 365 days. She enjoys strong indirect sunshine, is watered twice regularly even in wetter environments including her bathroom even her kitchen is especially relaxing.

  1. Lady Palm

When it comes to air cleaners, the Lady Palm is a perfect choice. These palms enjoy cooler hours ranging from 15 to 23 degrees, as compared to common beliefs.

  1. Chinese evergreen

The Evergreen plant from China is available in several varieties and is one of the simplest indoor plants to cultivate. They withstand most environments, but excel in well drained soil, with humid weather conditions that are medium to moderate. You should fertilize your Chinese evergreen plants twice a year.

  1. Kimberly Queen Ferns

Kimberly Queen Fern, an Australian species, thrives in outdoor environments but still makes ideal plants for indoors. They are great for beginners as they need little or no maintenance for their special clear, slender upright lanes. Queen Ferns should not be truncated or diminished just make sure that in colder months you frequently maintain them pleasant and humid with plenty of water and fertilizer.

  1. Bamboo Palm

These guys will develop very wide to allow utter filtering machines for formaldehyde. They make excellent indoor supplements since they are animal safe and one of the only air cleaners that enjoy the maximum dose of sunshine.